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Superior Services in Rwanda and the East African Sub Region

CityPress has extensive experience in concept developing, designing, advertising and printing. Among others these include promotion materials, Offset printing, Large format printing, Digital printing, Engraving and Embroidery, etc

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Digital and Offset printing

Magazines, Gift bags, Posters, Brochure, Fliers, Greetings cards, Seasons cards, Calendars, Folder, Diaries, Business cards, Business cards, Paper Flags, Wedding cards, Invitation cards, Certificates, Booklet & Books

Large Format Printing

Pvc banners, Vinyl stickers, Bumper stickers, Contra vision stickers, Flying banners / Tear drop, Pull up banners, Conference banners, Floor graphics stickers, Renting of Bilboards


Backlight signs, Reflective signage, Point of sale panels, Cut-outs, 3D letters, Engravings, Safety signs, Directory signs, Vehicle branding, Window graphics

Promotional Materials

T-shirts, Corporate shirts, Caps, Round hats, Bandanas, Jackets, Badges, Umbrellas, Flags, Identity cards, Key chains, Mugs, Conference bags, Mouse pads, Pens, Wrist armbands, Name Tags, Wall clocks, Liter bins, Tyre covers, Brochure & Book stand


Distributing materials, designed, printed items to clients offices or sales teams is made easier with our automotive fleet (after sale service).

Latest Work

Our Process

CityPress was created to bring solutions to rampant lacking in printed products.
From some basic machinery, the Company has expanded and now has state-of-art digitalised tools and experienced staff.

24/7 support

We are always eager to help and support you at a moment notice .


For more than 10 years, the company has been acquiring
diverse and robust machinery to enhance the quality of its products according to modern standards.
Please find enclosed the pictorial presentation of our workshop.

Services Tailored to your needs

At CityPress, we believe our customers are kings and deservedly so.
We are here to serve you, just say the word and we will make it happen!

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We do Large Format Printing

large format printing

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And we excel at Large Format Printing

large format printing

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We do Offset printing

Offset Printing

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Happy Clients, share their Testimonials

Mahoro Diane

City Press are competent, timely and very easy to work with. They are very responsive to the client's needs. The staff of City Press Ltd were a vital component to a successful/ quality printed work.


Whether clients needs are very small or very large, they treat each request with the same level of care and attention, they respond quickly when we need answers to keep our promotional projects moving. They always seem very available, day and night they deliver!

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Amazing Team

Take a closer look into our amazing team. We won’t bite.
Eric Niyigena Picture

Eric Niyigena

Chief Executive Officer

In industry for years and years, started with a small printing equipment and services unit, which grew into CityPress Ltd. The latter is now serving largely in Rwanda and in sub region. Today, Eric is still very involved with clients on a daily basis (design insights, recommendation, supports), and stays in touch with personal visits to customers. He loves the business he founded over 15 years ago and withstands challenges. He especially enjoys finding new opportunities that will benefit another business, and the ability to get out of the office to build new relationships.

Patrick Mwizerwa

Patrick Mwizerwa


joined CityPress after working as a Graphic Design and Prepress officer for varied printing firms. A seasoned artist with over 15 years of experience in digital printing



Operational Manager

offset printing wizard. For large volume printing request and consistent/stick-to- original printout; the cityPress relies on Aloys. Tact and quality is guaranteed with him.

Habineza Jean M Pierre

Operations Manager

customer attending is the passion at CityPress Ltd, and all these revolve around the team he leads.

Manzi Caesar

Financial Assitant

After economics studies oriented to business he is in charge of accounting for the company. Manzi manages the books and is involved in areas of the business, including EBM invoicing etc.

Musabyemariya Theophila

Finishing Unit Head

When you see her working it is as if she grew up in the business. When a project comes in, she envisions what the final product will look like without too much explanation from clients and she provides advises as well. That way, She always works hard to make sure that jobs turn out great and stay on schedule. There won’t be surprises with the time or technical problems in finishing. She mans well perfect binding machines, stapling machine, book sewing etc.